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Riley & McCormick, 220 Stephen Ave SW

This two-of-a-kind, hand-carved wooden horse in front of Riley & McCormick Western Wear (the other one lives at the Glenbow Museum) stood here for nearly 90 years before an inebriated, Stampede-happy passerby managed to knock ol’ Riley over, breaking the horse’s neck, jaw and tail. Glue and paint fixed up the worst of the injuries and, with any luck, a new wooden platform will help keep this equestrian relic in place for 90-plus years to come. 




Bankers Hall, 315 Stephen Ave SW

On April 11, folk musician Cal Cavendish piloted a low-flying plane over downtown Calgary, where he dropped a load of manure and 100 copies of his latest LP. While Cavendish’s stunt successfully drew attention to his plight as a folk artist struggling in a town where, he thought, everyone else was getting rich, it didn’t improve his financial situation: the artist got a $3,000 fine for reckless flying.